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Tree removal services in Kingaroy

Believe it or not, removing a tree can be a tricky process. Not only can improperly removing a tree be dangerous to the surrounding area when branches fall in less than ideal places, but you could also cause property damage. Additionally, if you aren’t experienced in the area of tree removal or pruning, then you could injure yourself. Heights plus dangerous tools do not always mix if you don’t have the experience to use them properly. That's why South Burnett Tree Removal is here to help you remove trees from your property, and we’ll do it safely and efficiently.

Why hire a tree removal service?

Hiring a tree removal company may be done for many reasons. One of the most common reasons is due to dead trees, or those with numerous dead branches. These trees can be a major safety hazard, as falling branches or trees could hit someone, or damage property below.

We will remove trees in any of these situations so your yard is safe again. We have the latest machinery and tools to ensure a safe and efficient removal, even in tight spaces thanks to our 22 metre cherry picker.

Give us a call, and we will come out to have a look at the trees you want removed, and offer an accurate quote. We offer stump grinding and pruning as well, so your yard will look better than ever.